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About LB Products

Who We Are

LB Products supplies to the meat and poultry processing industry, agricultural, contractors, architects, design & engineering firms across the US as well as Mexico, Canada, Ecuador & various countries.  We are equipping maintenance individuals and plants and buildings with the products, parts and services they need. We believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. Explore the rest of our website to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.  Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to teaming up with you if you see something we can help you with.

  Jeff Hammes


Exceeding Your Expectations

 Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with LB and our family compared to any other supplier. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.


Custom Products

Exceptional Service

We specialize in quality custom products to fit your every need. From plastic injection molding, stainless steel welding, and custom manufactured products we are here to help!  When it comes to custom parts,  we have worked with plants to prototype before a large order so downtime is kept to a minimum.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll enjoy working with our family. Let us know how we can assist you today.  Our mission is to first glorify God, then serve others.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Exceptional Service

Let us make your plastic parts through Injection Molding.  Call us to quote your existing part if you own your mold or let us quote you a new injection mold through our services.

From 40 to 500 tons using mostly Toyo injection molding machines we would like to mold your products.  We generally ship in 1 day to 3 weeks depending on the product and demand.  Our customers know our Iowa values mean better quality and faster lead times.  Call Jeff today.


Waterjet Cutting Services

Let us quote your custom cut parts.

  • 5-axis capabilities as 2D or 3D that enable us to cut beveled and tapered edges up to 60 degrees.

  • 13′ 1″ x 6′ 6″ cutting envelope

  • Can cut parts up to 12″ thick

  • 94 ksi operating pressure – Higher than most waterjets – Lowers cutting time and amount of garnet used – Lowers your part’s overall cost

  • Cuts parts with tolerances up to + 0.003″

  • Cuts almost ANY material: metal, plastic, stone, wood, glass, cloth, composites and many other materials

  • Edges have no heat affected zone (H.A.Z.)

Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch with us today.

Our Products

What We Offer

LB Products has a wide variety of poultry processing parts as well as custom processing equipment. We guarantee our clients receive only the best quality products. Check out some of our inventory below, and feel free to contact us if you’re looking for a specific product that you can’t find here. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you!

Custom Products

Overhead Conveyor Systems




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